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Transform your health data into actionable insights. Get tailored information on your cycle and how to make your hormones work for you.


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The first fully holistic wellness app for women, Elara helps you better understand what your body is already telling you. Empowering you to make informed decisions for your physical and mental wellbeing.

From your menstrual cycle to your workouts. By integrating your recorded health activity onto one secure platform, Elara uses advanced data technology to provide tailored information and advice for your lifelong health.

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How It Works

Your body has the answers, Elara decodes them for you.



Find out the truth about female health with ongoing and relevant resources written by experts.


Carefully test and assess your personal risk factors by having a clear view of your health habits and behaviour.

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Follow tailored advice to improve and maintain your health with the ultimate goal of preventing and minimising risk later on.

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Your Health Companion

One Clear View

See all your health data come together in one place. Elara integrates with all your apps so you don’t need to.

Understand Your Self

Gain an accurate breakdown of your hormonal changes and how this impacts all areas of your wellbeing, including mood, energy, libido, focus, physical strength and mental wellness.

Your Health Score

Feel motivated to invest time and effort into your health with an Activity and Mental Wellness Score that changes as a result of your actions. 

Take Action

Receive daily, personalised wellness tips to support your wellbeing that are tailored to every stage of your cycle.

Knowledge Hub

Our educational resources are here to provide you with comprehensive and reliable information on all areas of female health, whenever you need it.

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