Elara App

Your Health Companion

This is NOT (just) a period tracker. This is preventable health care in your pocket.

By monitoring your daily activity and overall wellbeing, Elara supports your health through every life stage. Putting prevention at the forefront of your health care.


One Clear View

See all your health data come together in one place. Elara integrates with all your apps so you don’t need to.


Learn From Day 1

Follow your personal patterns and see how your behaviour changes throughout your cycle. 


Understand Yourself

Gain an accurate breakdown of your hormonal changes and how this impacts all areas of your wellbeing, including mood, energy, libido, focus, physical strength and mental wellness. 


Your Health Score

Feel motivated to invest time and effort into your health with an Activity and Mental Wellness Score that changes as a result of your actions.


Take Action

Receive daily, personalised wellness tips to support your wellbeing that are tailored to every stage of your cycle.


Physical Performance & Recommendations

Follow our carefully selected exercise recommendations suited to each stage of your cycle and design to support health across the different life stages.


Nutritional Recommendations

Nourish yourself based on your body’s changing nutritional requirements with tailre nutritional recommendations carefully provided to support you through different life stages.


Mental & Emotional Insights

Prioritise your emotional needs by better understanding your hormones’ impact on your mental wellbeing.


Prevent Long Term

The more you use Elara, the more accurately we can identify your future health risk factors and better advise on how to avoid them.