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Your body and mind already have the answers to better living.
Elara simply helps you decode them.

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Learn how to work with your hormones at every life stage. Understand how your body and mind respond to changing hormones


Adapt your workouts, nutrition, work, and social schedule according to your hormones and take advantage of your body's natural rhythms.


We have collaborated with women's health researchers, general practitioners, and business coaches, to provide your with comprehensive and reliable educational resources.


Choose your goal and tailor your experience

Choose the areas of your health and life that you want support with and let Elara tailor your daily recommendations to help you achieve your goals.

Build healthy habits

By monitoring your daily activity and overall wellbeing, Elara supports your health through every phase of your cycle and life stage. Putting prevention at the forefront of your health care.

Understand Yourself

Gain an accurate breakdown of your hormonal changes and how this impacts all areas of your wellbeing, including mood, energy, libido, focus, physical strength and mental wellness.

Your Health Plan

Tick off items from your cycle syncing health plan and build healthy habits.

Take Action

Receive daily, personalized exercise, sleep, nutrition, mental wellness recommendations tailored to every phase of your cycle.

Workout Recommendations

Tailor your workouts to take advantage of your hormones and reduce the risk of injury

Nutritional Recommendations

Learn how to tailor your nutrition in each phase of your cycle to support your body's needs.

Mental & Emotional Insights

Understand how changing hormones impact your mood and learn how to work with them to reduce anxiety and stress.

What Our Early Users Are Saying

Dealing with PM

"I know I struggle with PMS but I never realized I could mitigate so many symptoms through better nutrition."

Understanding myself

"It's also so liberating to understand why my mood dips so much at certain times of the month. I am much kinder to myself"

Managing symptoms

It's empowering to understand and predict what symptoms I might experience and put things in place to mitigate them.

You are in control of your data

Your data's safety and security are our top priorities. Your data is securely housed in the UK, fully protected under the stringent GDPR regulations. All data is anonymised, so it can't be traced to you. You have complete control over your data – feel free to save or delete it whenever you choose. We firmly stand against selling your data.

From time to time, we might reach out to see if you're interested in participating in research. This is entirely optional, and your decision to participate or not will not affect your experience with us.

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