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Cycle Syncing Plan

Sent directly to your inbox, at the start of each phase of your menstrual cycle; Menstruation, Late Follicular, Mid Luteal, and Late Luteal Phase.
Learn how to work with your hormones:

  • Exercise plan for the week
  • Nutrition guidelines
  • Relaxation tips
  • Work and productivity tips

Our recommendations have been carefully curated by a team of experts to help you take advantage of each phase of your cycle, remove any guesswork, and help you feel your best. However, we are all unique, so we strongly advise you to track how you feel and make the necessary adjustments.

cycle syncing notion template

Notion Template:

Use our notion template to help you sync up how you feel (emotionally and physically) each day of your cycle, with your workload. Designed for the modern, busy woman, this productivity template is a thoughtful integration of task management and cycle tracking.

  • Track your projects, tasks, and menstrual cycle symptoms in one integrated space.
  • Adjust your workload with insights from your cycle, promoting a more productive and comfortable workflow.
  • Embrace a journey of understanding your body's rhythm, fostering self-love and well-being.
  • Plan your days with an awareness of your cycle, allowing for a more adaptable and stress-free life.

Elara Care App:

Coming Soon. Learn how to work with your hormones at every life stage. Understand how your body and mind respond to changing hormones

  • Understand Your Natural Rhythms
  • Hormone Friendly Workouts & Nutrition
  • Learn & Connect with Experts