Your Plan for Holistic Hormonal Wellness

A suite of downloadable content for your holistic health and wellness, sent directly to your inbox at the start of each phase of your menstrual cycle: Menstruation, Late Follicular, Mid Luteal, and Late Luteal Phase.

Cycle syncing plan

We take out the guesswork and help sync your workouts, nutrition, mental wellness, daily work, and productivity to your hormonal cycle, to help you feel your best self in 2024.

Healthcare and wellness were not designed for women. Period.

We’ve decided this ends now, and want to help all women feel confidently in touch with their hormones and health, in every aspect of their lives.

Perhaps you’ve been looking at starting a PT program or even researched some new healthy recipes to start the New Year as you mean to go on. Were any of them tailored with your hormonal profile and cycle in mind? We thought not.

We can tick all those boxes through our Cycle Syncing plan: a suite of downloadable content sent directly to your inbox at the start of each menstrual phase.

Our recommendations have been carefully curated by a team of experts to help you take advantage of each phase of your cycle, remove any guesswork, and help you feel your best. On the first day of your period, and then every phase following, you will receive:

  • Tailored exercise and training programs based around hormonal fluctuations, with progressive growth
  • Unique meal plans and nutrition guidelines for hormone-friendly feasting, complete with easy shopping lists
  • Work and productivity tips and worksheets, with insights tackling common cycle symptoms
  • Journal prompts and cycle-tailored well-being exercises for your mental health and relaxation

And you don’t even have to be bleeding… if you are on hormonal contraception, whilst you won’t have the hormonal fluctuations of a normal cycle, these plans are equally effective and kick-starting a new, holistic approach to your health and well-being.

Monthly or annual plans are available, and please message us with any questions! We’re real women - not robots - who this has helped, and we want to continue empowering, educating, and supporting women at every life stage.