Elara Care Business

Empowering your female workforce

Your team is at the heart of your success. Elara for work helps you take care of their health and wellbeing, at work, at home and all the moments in between.

We help you attract, retain, and enhance your female talent

Attract female talent through inclusivity

Demonstrate commitment to understanding and creating a supportive environment for women.

Reduce absenteeism and increase retention

Help support the management of symptoms to reduce severity and impact on attendance.

Increase productivity and engagement

Develop skills and strategies to actively manage negative symptoms related to hormonal changes and optimise performance.

What is Elara for work

Our services provide women with the information and tools to better understand their bodily rhythms and specific needs so that they can take control of their health and gain the tools to succeed in the workplace. We do this through a series of workshops which cover topics such as:
  • How to support their hormones through nutrition, exercise, sleep
  • How to manage stress and anxiety at different phases of their cycle
We also provide ongoing support to ensure that the knowledge is not lost through a women's health portal where your employees (male and female) can access resources in the form of videos, worksheets, articles, self-assessments and more.

Our 101 programs

Understanding the menstrual cycle and managing symptoms

Designed to help women understand their menstrual cycle and the natural fluctuations in their hormones.

Workshop Highlights:

  • Phases of the menstrual cycle
  • Hormonal contraception and natural cycles
  • How to manage symptoms, including PMS, sleep disturbance, fatigue, etc throughout the cycle

Understanding menopause and managing symptoms

Explore the benefits of different types of exercise and how they can be tailored to different phases of the mens

Workshop Highlights:

  • Life stages of peri-menopause and menopause
  • Associated symptoms and causes
  • Recognising and managing symptoms
  • Key aspects of health for long-term wellness

Productivity and Stress: How to work with your hormones

The impact of stress on the menstrual cycle (and vice versa) and practical tips for managing stress during each phase of the cycle to increase productivity and wellbeing.

Areas covered:

  • Impact of hormones on stress and productivity
  • Strategies to manage and reduce stress
  • Strategies to maximise productivity across the menstrual cycle
  • Addressing and managing symptoms

Ongoing support for your employees

Access to the Elara business portal and all the resources that come with it in order to provide continued support to your female employees and organisation's women's health champions.

Women's health educational resources

Articles, videos, podcasts covering women's health related topics to support with holistic wellness

Access to live webinars

Free access to live webinars and recordings on topics that impact every area of her life, including productivity tips, managing stress, and more

Worksheets and plans to support action

Focus on taking action in order to support change and better health.