Female Fitness & Training

Female fitness is vital for good physical and mental health. It helps you maintain a healthy weight, reduce your risk for many chronic diseases, promotes good mental health and improves your overall health. Hormones play a very important role in female fitness, and Elara care is here to help you learn how to optimise your workouts based on your hormones.

Why is female fitness so important?

There are many major health problems and stress caused by women only as a result of ignoring their fitness. It helps improve overall health and fitness, maintain a healthy weight, reduce the risk for many chronic diseases and promote good mental health.

Do women need more exercise?

Yes, apart from having different anatomy, women have a different response to exercise. This is mostly because men have higher testosterone levels, different anatomy, and physiology than women. Women need to lift weights for a longer period to get similar results. 

Should women work out on their period?

Yes, there is no need to skip workouts during your period, there is even evidence that supports workouts to be done during this phase. Being a prominent female health companion, Elara care gives tailored Fitness tips and workouts to be done on your period.