Best Workouts to Do on Your Period

a woman stretching on a yoga mat

Working out on your period can often feel uncomfortable but there are things you can do to relieve yourself from cramps and even give your body a good energy boost.

The best exercises to do during your period are the ones you feel like doing.

So whether that’s going for a nice long walk, doing a yoga sequence or a HIT class, incorporate some sort of movement in your day to help blood flow and release of endorphins.

a woman helping another woman do her exercise on her period

Aerobic workouts – cardio

If you suffer from PMS, then the week of your period opt for cardio and fewer barbell workouts. Research shows that there is a direct correlation between aerobic capacity and the severity of PMS symptoms.


Yes – swimming. Don’t worry you will not leave the pool looking like a shark attack happened. Swimming is a great way of getting some exercise whilst reducing the impact on your body. 


Yoga is another great low impact workout that will get your body moving.

a group of women doing Yoga

Training on your period hacks:

  • Drink enough water: Women with heavy periods lose extra fluids, which can make you feel light-headed when you stand up quickly, like during a yoga vinyasa. So take your time when getting up.
  • Take your time: Slow down and take the time you need when resting between exercises. Remember, you’re not racing against anyone. The workout is there to benefit you.
  • Warm up for a little longer: Add an extra few exercising when warming up to give your body enough time to prepare for the impact of your session. Your body temperature is lower during this time of your cycle so spending a few extra minutes warming up can benefit your performance.
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