Jasveer Matharu

Elara Care Founder
& Women's Health Practitioner

Women's Health expert with a blend of academic prowess and practical experience in digital marketing. Sharing her experience of creating solutions for better female health.



Jasveer (Jas) Matharu, a passionate advocate for Women's Health, has dedicated over five years to creating solutions and programs to improve women's health. Her journey began with a focus on digital marketing and go-to-market strategies for various women's and sexual health brands. This professional path intertwined with her personal experiences, leading Jas to deepen her understanding of women's health issues. To this end, she pursued a diploma in Women's Health, aiming to enhance her ability to interpret and evaluate the wealth of research in this area.

Academic Background:

  • Honours Bachelor of Arts in French and Spanish from Royal Holloway University, London.
  • MSc in Consumer Psychology from London Metropolitan University.
  • Diploma as a Women's Health Practitioner, reflecting her commitment to understanding and advocating for women's health.

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Relevant Work Experience:

Founder of Elara Care, a pioneering initiative in women's health, where she has been making a difference for the past five years.

Additional Experience:

In addition to her work in women's health, Jasveer has a rich background in digital marketing, with 12 years of consultancy experience. This expertise plays a crucial role in her approach to women's health, where she skillfully blends her marketing acumen with her passion for promoting women's well-being.