Elara Care

Elara Care is building solutions that support women through every cycle, life stage, and goal, with the mission to make women's health accessible to all.

Teresa Pires de Lima

Jasveer Matharu

Founder of Elara Care and O.A. Dip. Certified Women's Health Practitioner, Jas is working to create better solutions for women since 2018, sharing her struggles and experiences with female health

Stephanie Baker

I'm Steph and I'm a BANT registered nutritionist. My field of expertise is women's health, with a specialised interest in acne and inflammatory skin conditions. I offer personalised nutrition consults

Dr. Natalie Brown

Dr Natalie, PhD, MPhil - Sports Science Research Specialist investigating the menstrual cycle in sports, ranging from participation to elite sports performance. Swansea University Lecturer.

Agnese Fronia