Dr. Natalie Brown

PhD, MPhil - Sports Science Research Specialist

Research specialist investigating the menstrual cycle in sport, ranging from participation to elite sport performance. Passionate to change the narrative relating to the menstrual cycle.

About Dr. Natalie

Dr. Natalie Brown is a research specialist focused on the interaction between the menstrual cycle and sports performance, covering a range from general participation to elite athlete performance. With a background as an Exercise Physiologist, she has a demonstrated history in the sports industry, skilled in Training, Athletics, Sports Science, and Research.

She holds a PhD in vascular occlusion and a Master of Philosophy (MPhil) in elite athlete competition preparation - specifically, warm-up strategies and passive heat maintenance, both from Swansea University. Her professional and academic pursuits reflect a strong service orientation towards elite sports, aiming to contribute valuable insights to the field.

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